ACERA at a Glance


ACERA at a Glance

Highlights in 2018

Fund Value on December 31 $7.6 billion
Net Position Decreased by $520 million
Interest Assumption Rate 7.25%
Total Members 23,739
Counseled Ready-to-Retire Members 664
Processed Members Into Retirement 512
Answered Telephone Calls 20,726
% of Callers Spent Less Than 60 Seconds on Hold 87.5%
Fulfilled Formal Written Requests 757
Scanned & Indexed Member Documents 51,501
Subscribed People to Email News Updates So Far 1,446
Enrolled Members In Web Member Services So Far 14,534

Check out ACERA’s 6-page Popular Annual Financial Report for more highlights.

Fact Sheet

For your ease of reference, these one-page fact sheets that contains a wealth of current information about ACERA including tier formulas and contributions, membership numbers, investments, and status of the retirement fund.

For more information on the differences between the ACERA’s tiers, see our page Which Tier Are You In?